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Iron-on fabric sticker Pichu, Pikachu & Raichu Pokémon

Iron-on fabric sticker Pichu, Pikachu & Raichu Pokémon

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Limited Pokemon Center Japan product!
Easy to stick to fabric without irons.
Personalize your garment with these Pokémon stickers.
Made in Japan

How to use:
1. Cut with scissors around the drawing.
2. Confirm the position where you want to paste: place the sticker on the top of the target and check where it will be placed.
3. Peel off the plastic film on the back and paste.
4. Hold the transparent protective sheet with your finger to prevent it from slipping, then rub hard with a coin to transfer it.
5. Carefully and slowly remove the transparent protective sheet while making sure that the drawing is stuck.
6. Press the drawing on the fabric from the top and you're done. It blends with the fabric and does not come off.

Size: 10.5×14.8×0.02cm
Weight: 3g
Material : PP/Urethane
Applicable :
◎ Genuine leather, synthetic fibers, chemical fibers
○ Cotton, linen
△ Synthetic leather
× Vinyl chloride, t-shirts, lycra, jersey, elastic article
*Recommend to do a test before use.

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